Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions or what you need to know…

Do I need an order form?  Yes,we provide order forms on picture day and most organizations will distribute them a week or so prior.  Ask your coach…

What about payment?  All orders must be pre-paid for us to process.  Orders with short payment or non payment will be returned.

Proofs?  We do not send proofs of images except with some school packages.

What if I don’t like my pictures?  We have a 100% money back guarantee on all photos,order with confidence.

What about reorders?  Reorders can be purchased online or by calling our office.  There are extra shipping and handling charges on orders placed after the picture date and/or online.

How long until we receive our pictures?  Normally,2-3 weeks depending on your league.  Some organizations hold pictures until the end of their season.

If I purchase my childs’photos,I can make copies and share them,right?  Not necessarily.  Not unless you purchase a copyright release,which you receive free with any image on CD that is purchased.  If you choose to scan your prints,then you are in violation of Federal Copyright Laws with a penalty of $10,000 per image.

Do the coaches or sponsor get anything free?  Yes,complimentary items are listed at the bottom of the picture schedule.

Can I order gifts for my coachor sponsor later?  Yes,but please be sure to provide plenty of time for production and shipping.

How are pictures scheduled?  Every coach  should receive a master schedule with their photo time listed.